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    This short story collection includes all of the stories previously published (as Katherine Tomlinson) in L.A. Nocturne and L.A. Nocturne II, as well as numerous previously uncollected tales of urban fantasy, with creatures running the gamut from angels to djinn.

    All of the stories have a connection to Los Angeles, a city where the paranormal and the normal exist side by side and the glamour of Hollywood is overlapped by the "glamour" of the fee.


    There's a little something for everyone here--ghosts, shifters, a succubus, mermaids, and enough vampires and werewolves to satisfy anyone's blood tooth.

    Short story collection

    Publication date: February 2016



  • Description

    What if destiny knocked and the wrong person answered the door?


    Single mother Lizzie Coe discovers the answer to that question when her daughter Beth—destined for a very special role in the battle between good and evil—is killed and Lizzie must take her place as a warrior of light and soul searcher. Destiny Knocks is a stand-alone novella in Kat Parrish’s  new series of stories about an ordinary woman tasked with an extraordinary mission.


    Urban fantasy novella

    Projected publication date:
    Winter 2016



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    When the death of L.A.’s vampire godfather leaves a power vacuum among the city’s supernatural citizens, reporter Kira Simkins and ex-boyfriend John Dannon of L.A.P.D.’s paranormal crime unit must work together to find out who’s behind a series of murders terrorizing Los Angeles and making a bad situation worse.


    Follow Kira Simkins on Twitter @paracrimes.


    Urban fantasy novel

    Projected publication date:
    Fall 2016

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