• Description

    Murder hits close to home for criminalist Lark Riordan when a neighbor’s son is killed and another neighbor is arrested for the crime. Teaming up with homicide detective Max Siwek to investigate the case, Lark encounters family secrets, old grudges, and dysfunctional relationships that make her own life seem normal. And that’s saying something because her father is a self-involved actor who’s just been nominated for an Oscar, and she and Max have a thing for each other even though he’s her stepbrother. It’s… complicated.

    Mystery novella • 43,000 words

    Publication date: February 2014



  • Description

    When Mickey Cozart’s best friend talks her into working as an extra on her film, no one expects the leading lady to end up dead or that the investigation will bring an intriguing new man into Mickey’s life..

    Mystery novella

    Projected publication date:
    Winter 2017

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