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    We are born fearing the dark, or at least, what lives in the dark, the things with teeth and fangs and blood on their breath.


    And now, darkness is falling—in the city; in the country; around the globe; in the universe. It's the end of the Mayan Long Count. It's the zombie apocalypse. It's an extinction event. It's...well, does it really matter what it is? It's...over.


    Nightfalls: Notes from the End of the World is a charity anthology in which twenty-nine writers from three different countries present their unique visions of the end of the world in half a dozen genres. These short stories run the gamut from hilarious to heart-breaking, with stops at all the emotions in between.

    Anthology • 80,000 words
    Publication date: December 2011



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    This Halloween novella is an old school story of sleeping evil awakened by accident and the two unlikely heroes who must save their small Southern town when unholy hell is unleashed.

    Horror novella
    Projected publication date:
    October 2014



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    Five short stories that take the "zombie" story in half a dozen new directions — from a zombie apocalypse on the Princeton campus to an example of disaster tourism gone very, very, wrong, these stories are not your usual chronicles of "the walking dead."

    Short story collection

    April 2015


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